Our Story

We are Summer & Stephen Gossett, a true husband and wife Wedding Photography team!

We both photograph and we L-O-V-E Weddings almost as much as each other!

Every Wedding has a unique story and we love capturing the emotion, the love, truly every moment that is important to you. Every image we take is done with purpose and passion, because your love story is unique and special.

We would love to talk to you more about your perfect day and how we can be a part of every perfect moment! You can email us at anytime or use our contact form. (and we promise to get back to you super quick!)

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How long have we been Photographing Weddings?

We have been photographing Weddings for about 15 years. Stephen got his start in photography with National Geographic and agreed to photograph a friends wedding. After that, he was hooked and has focused on event and wedding photography ever since.

Summer's focus was fashion photography, and like Stephen, did a few weddings on the side and got hooked, focusing her talents and skill on becoming a master wedding photographer.


Kelly and Alejandro have been photographing weddings for about 6 years, 5 of those with us.

How long has Noveli been around?

Althogh we have photographed Weddings for 15 years, Noveli as a company has been around for about 3. 

Our original husband and wife team company is FamZing Photography & Video (started 10 years ago) Although we shoot exclusive in Noveli, we still own, operate and train every photographer in FamZing.

How many Weddings have you Photographed?

The last time we counted it was a little over 1,000 Weddings. Yes, that is weddings. We didn't include Engagement or Bridal Sessions.

Kelly and Alejandro and fast approaching the 500 mark.

How many Weddings do you Photograph a year?

We limit our weddings to about 30 a year. We are asked to Photograph numerous destination weddings per year. We love staying local though and would love to talk to you about how we can capture your perfect day.

How do I book you or your Associates?

We only require a retainer to book us. The rest will be due until closer to the Wedding.

Swing on over to our FAQ Page to get other questions about booking us or our collections.

What is the style of Noveli Wedding Photography?

We like to define our photographic style as Dynamic with a Feminine feel. We like our images to be powerful but not overly masculine.

We also make sure to focus on the story and emotion of the day. Although our work is viewed as art, it is STILL a wedding day, and we strive to capture every emotional and impactful moment.


Meet our Associates!

Because people fell in love with our photography style, we found that we needed to clone ourselves. 

Meet Kelly and Alejandro. Each spent about 5 years Photographing Weddings with FamZing Photography & Video. Each hold the proud fact of photographing hundreds of weddings as well as mentoring other Photographers. 

Kelly & Alejandro have spent countless hours training on our style, and we are proud to have them as part of our Noveli family. 

Kelly is happily married to her husband Brandon (who has been a huge support in her career) and is the proud and active mother of 2 little boys.

Alejandro has been photographing for over 8 years. He is always driven to push his creative abilities to the limit. He has a huge passion for motivational speaking.

ISPWP Award Winner